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Discover what other families in Huron and Perth counties have been experiencing!


It is possible to access local, publicly-funded resources to support your child's education, in a manner that respects your values and concerns as a homeschooling family.


Riverside provides a very flexible option, adaptable to your particular needs.  We will work with you to set up an individual plan that suits your schedule and interests. 


Riverside staff are experienced and caring teachers who have worked for many years to provide alternatives to mainstream education for local families, particularly those from homeschool and private school backgrounds.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our past students, and feel privileged to serve the communities that we ourselves have a personal connection to.


Riverside offers independent or small group learning with teacher support.  An optional iPad computer can be provided on long term loan, but the decision regarding whether your family will use computers and the internet, or just print materials, is yours to make.  You can choose which courses you wish to take through Riverside, and whether or not you want to pursue an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or just take certain courses with us.


Riverside students are welcome to participate in co-operative education placements, CASE classes, training/certification courses, or AMDEC courses (


Do your future plans include writing the comprehensive GED exams for high school equivalency?  Riverside is an excellent way to gain the background knowledge and academic skills that will help students to be successful.


Contact us to discuss how we might be able to support your family.  It's easy to get started and there is no tuition fee.


Text or call us to start the conversation! 

(Michelle Kuepfer: 519.584.4028; John David Kuepfer: 519.275.4470; Teresa Renecker: 519.274.4279)


Riverside Rural Learning Brochure

Riverside Durango



Riverside Durango is the part of Riverside that is the same as Kitchener's WRDSB ULearn (for Waterloo Region residents who live in places like Linwood, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Elmira) and ASPIRE (Aylmer).  It was named Riverside Durango to recognize and honour the connection that many local rural families have to the beautiful State of Durango in Mexico. These programs are designed to meet the needs of Low German Families in their school board areas through public education.  Our programs and teachers co-operate to serve Low German families in our respective areas.  Many students in CASE are from a Low German background, but Riverside is another option for those who require greater flexibility or who cannot attend classes in Listowel.    


If your home is in Perth or Huron County (Millbank, Milverton, Newton, Carthage, Atwood, Monkton, Brussels, Listowel, Fordwich, Gowanstown...) your flexible program is Riverside. Text or call us at any time. (Michelle Kuepfer - 519.584.4028 or John David Kuepfer 519.275.4470 including WhatsApp, or Teresa Renecker 519.274.4279). 

Riverside can help you to get a better job and to have more opportunities in the future!  We also welcome students age 14+ from the Brussels and Gowanstown Old Colony schools who would like to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate for a better job but who cannot go to the CASE program.  CASE and Riverside offer awesome opportunities for learning - many of which are not available elsewhere.  Check us out!


The great news is that it is easy to switch from one program to another if your family moves.  You will not lose your credits and you can keep working on your courses.  You don't need to quit school if you move and you always will have a local teacher.  We also provide English as a Second Language support and can provide translation services for students or parents whose first language is Plautdietsch/Low German.

How is Riverside different from CASE?  CASE students attend classes two days per week and have job placements for the other three days. Riverside students have a more flexible schedule that requires more independent work, but with regular teacher support. Many students from Low German families have graduated with their diplomas from the CASE program since 2006.  Students in CASE have a very high success rate and many opportunities- worth considering when you choose your program. Talk to one of our graduates - you probably know one!







Riverside teachers respect your family's faith and culture and understand potential education concerns because we have taken the time to talk to families and community members, including travelling to Durango to visit and learn. We understand that you may need a flexible school program and we will work with you to help you to reach your goals!  We offer special opportunities such as tech and foods classes and Spanish.  


We have lots of experience with alternative learning and know the area well! Riverside teachers already were offering small group learning in homes and night school classes to students in Millbank and Milverton and Listowel in 2007 through the excused pupil program.  We have a connection with local day and evening ESL classes for Low German adults, including the Perth-Huron Family English School.  (Poole Mennonite Church  on Thursday mornings and at Milverton Public School on Tuesday evenings.) 


We are rural teachers who live in the country with our families, and we consider it a privilege to serve our home communities! We look forward to hearing from you and maybe discussing options over Faspa!  


22-23 Course Selection Info


Spanish Class

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